Eagle Design Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier

Eagle Design Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier

Are you looking for an exotic indoor chandelier to bring a touch of modern charm to your home? This eagle designed luxury chandelier will be a cultural staple to represent your class, extravagance, and your passion for pure beauty. Featuring luxurious polished chrome and elegant teardrop-shaped crystals, this chandelier can transform your rooms from humdrum to opulent.


While size is an important aspect to decide for the best décor for your room, this large sized (L100*w55*H80CM) chandelier will make a bold statement which will fit great in your home, office, or venue. It’s sleek and contemporary design is perfect for modern decor, and multiple tiers of lights create an upscale ambiance.


Elevate any space NOW, from your bedroom to the dining room with this dazzling crystals-made chandelier.

Eagle Design Luxury Modern Crystal Chandelier features:

  • Size:L100*w55*H80CM
  • Material : Crystal & stainless steel
  • Delivery time : within 16 days
  • Perfect for your bedroom, living room foyer or hotel