Multicolor Romantic Aurora Master Ocean Wave LED Light Projector Lamp

Apply to bathrooms, the living room, bedroom or any space ,reproduce the sparkling sea at any time a glorious natural beauty, allows you to feel as immersed in the deep sea calm and the sea embrace  peace, creating a romantic, leisure and cozy atmosphere of the space to achieve physical and mental relaxation effect.Built-in Mini Speaker can be used as cell phone, IPod, Mp3 speaker.Automatic shut down after 1 hour, you can also press the key to close it to open.



  • Built-in mini speaker can be iPod, mp3 speakers, volume adjustable, 3.5mm audio plug, features intimate and easy to use. 
  • Led light: multicolor new mini-wave projection lamps, modeling simple, easy to use.
  • Projected swinging light like an ocean surface makes you relax at Bath Room or Living room. 
  • Transforming your environment into a relaxing tropical lagoon.
  • Automatic sleep function, an hour later automatically closed, you can also press the key to close it to open, can be used to relax yourself before sleeping.