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Folding LED Light Safety Walking Cane

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Folding LED Light Safety Walking Cane

Are you looking for a walking cane with light can mean the difference between a pleasant late evening stroll and stumbling in the dark? This collapsible cane featured with a LED flashlight will help you navigate both the indoors and outdoors after dark. Integrated into the comfort grip handle, the bright LED light provides convenient, hands-free lighting when navigating in dim parking lots or simply walking to the bathroom in the dark.


This height-adjustable walking cane folds into four sections for easy portability and storage. Plus, the wide quad base features four anti-marking rubber tips, ensuring that the cane can stand on its own when not in use. Secured with a locking ring to provide quiet, rattle-free use also adds an extra safety layer.

Folding LED Light Safety Walking Cane Features:

  • Walking Stick with LED flashlight.
  • Non-slip T handle with light can directly point forward 20 meters.
  • Freely adjust to different illumination angles, usually used in night or dark environment.
  • Handle with the sponge, decrease the hand pressure.
  • Made of Aluminum alloy, the stable pivoting quad base can ensure your safety and stability whatever angle.


  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 83-93cm
  • Folding size: 29*17cm
  • Diameter: 2cm
  • Adjustable height: 82-93.5cm
  • Handle length: 17.5cm
  • Base size: 9.5cm
  • LED brightness: 55-65W
  • Suitable height rang:150-190cm
  • Weight support:100-120kg

Package Include:
1 x Folding LED Light Safety Walking Stick

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