3W 5W Crystal LED Ceiling Light
3W 5W Crystal LED Ceiling Light

3W 5W Crystal LED Ceiling Light

Suitable for home lighting, home theater, studio, private club, entertainment lighting, ad lighting, restaurants, hotels, display scene, artwork lighting, landscape scene, etc.The spotlight is easy to create dynamic and vibrant atmosphere and add more entertainment to your lively life. Under the effects of the charming music and high energy atmosphere, you can enjoy the fun and spend more time with your children, which is a best choice. And Your children will like it very much.


  • Beautiful romantic crystal LED ceiling light, with aviation standard thick aluminum.
  • Perfect for meeting room, store, super market, office, store, exhibition, dance halls, bars, kitchen, parlor, bedroom use and other lighting and decoration.
  • Long life span more than 50,000hrs
  • Easy installation, no need maintenance, external driver.
  • Reflector efficiency: no shadow, 80% Energy-saving and environment-friendly.