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Women's Thermal Electric Heated Vest

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Women's Thermal Electric Heated Vest

If you need a stylish and comfortable heated jacket that looks just as good on the trail this USB Women's Thermal Electric Heated Vest is perfect for you to keep you warm and it manages to make you look fashionable too. If you are participating in a parade and the weather is chilly, purchase these vests for your team or group!


The jacket features heating elements in the back and chest, as well as heated pockets, all of which have three temperature settings that are controlled with a single integrated button. Best of all, the jacket is surpassingly very packable, making it a great choice for travelers heading to cold climes.

Women's Thermal Electric Heated Vest Features:

  • This is an intelligence vest for you.
  • With mobile power storage pocket, easy travel.
  • 1-minute fast heat, dispel cold and keep you warm.
  • Set the temperature you want to respond to a variety of environments.
  • A button to heating, three stall temperature control, intelligent heating.
  • It can be washed by machine and can be washed by hand. Do not wring it by hand.
  • General USB interface power supply, longer service life,anti-water splashing and washable.
  • The fashion is warm, comfortable and breathable, and it's a good partner for your winter going out.

How To Use:

  • Take out USB plug
  • Plug in removable charger
  • Switch on the removable charger
  • Press the chest temperature control switch for two second
  • Red light flashing, means heating automatic
  • After red light flashes for 5 minutes, then automatic turn to white light means the medium temperature
  • The manual adjustment has three levels, red light means high-temperature heating continuously.
  • White light means medium heating continuously, blue light means low heating continuously
  • Press the chest temperature control switch for two seconds, lights out and stop heating
  • Temperature Shift(Manual adjustment)
  • Warm:45 ℃ (Red Light)
  • Comfort:35 ℃ (White Light)
  • Energy Saving:25 ℃ (Blue Light)

Washing instructions:

1. Take out the removable charger.
2. Neutral detergent is available and then hand washes.
3. Do not force knead or beat.
4.After nature air drying can be used.

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